Friday, 27 July 2007

Death cat?

I found a cat that I wouldn't want on my lap! The Age today had an article about a cat who lives in a nursing home and can sense within hours when someone is about to die. "When Oscar settles on a patient's bed, caregivers take it as a sign that family members should be summoned immediately to bid their loved one farewell."


Last night I went to see Thank God You're Here being filmed. The night started with free drinks and nibblies. Then we were ushered into the studio where we gained front row seats. Unfortunately we sat right on one end and had to strain our necks to see anything over the other side (and sometimes I couldn't see anything going on at all). But when they used the stage right in front of us, we had a fantastic view! So it all evened out in the end. We were there for three hours! But they kept us pretty much entertained (and fed with lollies). And at the end of the night we received show bags. It was definitely a fun experience, but if I was going again I'd want to sit in somewhere in the middle or up the back to have a better view!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Greg and Tanti's Engagement party.

Last Saturday was Greg and Tanti's engagement party! :) Here's some picures of the event:

Mmmmmmm..Opening Presents.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Always look on the dark side of life?

This year I am working with a different group of people and they all complain all the time about everything! They are so negative about everything! At times I find it really depressing and I've always wondered if I was just being sensitive to it. Until one of my friends had to work with these people and later on said "I can't work with them anymore. They are so depressing. All they do is complain about everything."

I've tried helping my workmates with positive advice. I've tried being positive. I've tried helping them with their problems. I even said one day "why don't you look for a new job if it's that bad here?" To which they replied "oh i'm too old to look for a new job. If I was your age I'd change jobs but I'm too old now".

I realise now that they just want to feel miserable and complain all the time. Maybe it's time to bring headphones to work. :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

How many coins does it take...

When I got on the tram this morning I needed to purchase a met card so I lined up and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. and waited. And eventually the woman in front of me turned around and said "oh I'm sorry I was cleaning out my 5 cent jar today!". She was purchasing a $6.30 met card all with 5 cent pieces! That's 126 coins! Surely she would have been better off using them every so often rather than all at once!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Why bother?

While away in The Dandenongs we went out for dinner to an English style restaurant called the Snooty Fox. And on the drinks menu they had a drink called "Why bother" which was described as "Decaf coffee with low fat milk".

Here's a dodgy photo of the menu (as proof) taken with my phone camera:

P.S. That's my drink of choice.. what does that say about me?

Reading and relaxing in The Dandenongs.

Greg and I just got back from six relaxing, restful days in The Dandenongs staying at our favourite cottage - The Timbertop Lodge (complete with open fire place and spa bath). Plus a huge breakfast every day included! We spent time exploring the local area, but we also spent a couple of days indoors reading! I love reading but I spend so much time reading in my job that whenever I do ever find some spare time I don't feel like reading cos it feels too much like work. So I really enjoyed the opportunity to finish some books. :)

Sunday, 1 July 2007


Today Greg and I went to see the Guggenheim Collection at the National Gallery of Victoria. While in Europe we saw a lot of art work, so it was nice to see art again. It's not something we normally do when in Oz!

Though I think I've come to the conclusion that I prefer older art to modern art. Painting a canvas blue just doesn't seem like art to me! I love paintings that tell a story or are realistic.

However, having said that I did enjoy the Guggenheim Collection and think it's worth a look.