Saturday, 21 June 2008


I have been feeling movement from the bub for a few weeks now and it has been gradually getting stronger. There's even been times when the movement has been quite hard and sudden and I've jumped with fright! It doesn't hurt at all but feels very weird! And actually it's very comforting to know she's ok in there. :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Comments galore.

Being pregnant is a funny experience because people suddenly feel like it’s OK to comment on things they wouldn't normally comment on. Every day at work there's at least one person who makes some sort of comment about my appearance - the thing is their comments vary day to day. So far I have been told you're getting fat, you look pregnant now, your face is fat, your face is splotchy, you're barely showing, you can’t tell you're pregnant, you haven’t put on any weight, etc... Sometimes all in the one day. I'm not sure how I can be fat and skinny, showing and not showing all at the same time...

I also keep getting advice - some of it very bizarre. Things like I shouldn’t have a cat or wear sunscreen because they could cause diabetes in my developing baby. Hmm.. I don't think there's been studies done into that one!