Tuesday, 13 March 2007

In memory of my camera..

I just created this blog today.. and already I have something to post about..

Today I arrived home from work and found our front door wide open!! At first I thought Greg must have left it open and I was worried our indoor cat might have escaped. But when I got closer I could see that the door had been kicked in!! I rushed inside to see what had been taken and at first I couldn't see anything missing. On closer inspection I found Greg's laptop missing. And later on we realised our digital camera was also taken. :( Which I am really annoyed about!!

Luckily nothing else was taken!! And our cat is safe and well!!


Heath said...

Oh shit Tanya, that SUCKS! :(

Must have been one of those days, I also had a shit day:

i) Hit a lady on a motorbike on the way to work (broke her knuckle, she's fine, bike's 99% fine - first road accident ever, glad no-one really hurt)

ii) Went home during lunch to pick something up from home, to find a letter in my letterbox, letting me know I'd apparently gone through a red light... but bad news is, 11.5 months into the 12 month 'cant get any more demerit points otherwise you get your license suspended for 6 months' period. So now I get to look forward to no license soon as well. YAY.

iii) Found out I might have a free ticket to the Grand Prix to go with my cousin+auntie+uncle, but probably won't be able to use it, 'cause I have to work.

What else can go wrong? ;)

Vasilisa said...

Well thankfully you guys are ok. Hate the thought of someone breaking in. Any ideas who or why did it? Really glad you have a blog though! :)

Tanya said...

Who: Dunno.. someone who wanted to make some money?

Why: Cos they needed or wanted money?

I don't think they'll ever catch them. Or ever find our things.

Fioleta said...

:( that's horrible. At least the cat is fine and you didn't walk onto robbers.

Hope you'll have something more fun to blog about.

chet said...

Ouch! A pox on the robbers! Hope you guys have home contents insurance?

A close family friend just got hit a second time too. The first time, they cleaned out every piece of furniture in the house. This time, they just took some expensive food stuff?? Must be Chinese...