Thursday, 14 June 2007

Yes it gets cold in Melbourne too!

For those of you in Europe.. yes it does get cold in Melbourne too!! Last night it was 1 degree (0 degrees in some places). Currently at 9.15am it is 5 degrees. But according to the Bureau of Meteorology it currently feels like 3 degrees. It's the kind of weather Greg and I experienced in Europe over Decemeber and January when we were there. Though today is forecast for a top of 15 degrees. However, it will probably take forever to reach it and then quickly drop back down again! And on top of all that.. there is no heating at my workplace!! So I freeze all day long. Then after freezing all day at work, I go home to my freezing unheatable home. At least Europe has it right with heaters in every residence and workplace! I think it's time to bring out those gloves, hats and scarves.. and possibly the thermals. :)


Vasilisa said...

Yeah - the only thing that Europe hasn't caught on yet (or Germany anyway) is air conditioners... bloody hot at work!

Tanya said...

Yeah I don't have air conditioning at my work either. Those 40 degree days were wonderful at my work!

I freeze in Winter and boil in Summer.