Thursday, 4 December 2008

Injections and surnames.

Maya had her first set of immunisations today. It was tough watching them stick the injections into her (yes injections as in two of them). As soon as the first one entered her leg she screamed! She seems to be OK afterwards but she's a bit out of sorts and wants to sleep a lot!

Anyway, when I went to sign her in for her injections the nurse had to enter my details as well as Mayas and she made several comments about how weird my surname is and told me that I should have changed it to my husband's name.

Taking Greg's surname would make my life easier because my name constantly has comments made about it. But when I married Greg I'd had my surname for 30 years and it seemed odd to just change it. Actually I'd always hated my name, but I'd finally gotten used to it and even began to like it for it unusualness. And probably the biggest reason I didn't change it is that I felt like it was a connection to my father, who'd passed away 7 years earlier. But it's still frustrating having the same conversation over and over again with different people - "That's an unusual surname, where's it from?"

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chet said...

Keep it! (no offence to the W.....eys of course...) Your name is your name! I don't think it's weird. In fact I think it's pretty cool to have something a little different. :-)

chet (whose surname is the most common Chinese surname of all but am still proud of it!)