Monday, 1 November 2010

Glue ear.

As mentioned in my previous post, this year has been marred by constant illnesses.  And with these illnesses Maya has developed a lot of ear infections.  And with these ear infections Maya has developed glue ear. Her GP eventually suggested I take her to an ear specialist whom we finally saw last week after a two month wait. 

Before her appointment she had a hearing assessment which showed that the glue ears are affecting her hearing.  Which to me is such a scary thing to hear, given I have permanent hearing loss. 

I was expecting the specilist to adopt a wait and see approach, especially given we are now in Spring and soon to enter Summer, when illnesses should lessen (I hope!).  But the specialist immediately suggested Maya have grommets placed in her ears.

While I hear stories of children who drastically improved once grommets are in place, both in hearing and behaviour, and it is the most common procedure performed, I cannot help but feel that waiting to see if things improve naturally would be a better course of action than to go straight to a surgical procedure.

So for now we are going to wait and see and I have a second specialist booked in for December (a four month wait) whom I will see for a second opinion.

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