Sunday, 19 June 2011


Last week Maya had grommets (ear tubes) inserted into her ears, which was performed under general anaesthetic in hospital.  As I said in my previous post, I was worried about the procedure because there are always risks and I knew Maya wouldn't completely understand what was going on.  However, I did try and explain as much as I could because I do believe it helps children prepare.  (I always remember the story of my mother aged six years old being taken to have her 'picture taken'.  She was put in front of a camera then a nurse from behind quickly shoved a gag with ether over her face, which put her to sleep, only to wake later coughing up blood, after her tonsils had been removed.  What a horrible experience that must have been!)

In the end I was surprised how smoothly the whole thing went.  We arrived at hospital at 7am, unable to give Maya breakfast, but she didn't seem to mind.  She knew that her doctor was going to 'fix her ears'.  We waited in a waiting room and read books together.  Then changed into gowns for the procedure.  She was so happy and relaxed.

I was able to go into the operating theatre with her.  At which point they placed a mask over her face, with general anaesthetic so that she would go to sleep.

At that point I looked down at my vulnerable, little girl, with sudden wide, scared eyes, and I realised how trusting she was of me and I felt awful that I was putting her through it.  But I am so glad I was there with her for this part of the procedure.  I was able to rub her belly and whisper how much I loved her and that she was safe.

As soon as she was asleep I was ushered out of the theatre.  It was hard to leave my little girl.  I now had to put my trust in the operating team.

I headed back to the waiting room and the surgeon appeared ten minutes later to tell us how well the procedure had gone and that he had removed a lot of gunk (snot) from her ears.  He went to check on Maya's recovery and ran back to grab Greg and I, where Maya was quite upset.  The nurse was happy for Maya to hop into my arms and after a few moments Maya vomited and then settled.

We were then ushered to recovery two, where Maya was offered breakfast to eat and afterwards we were able to head home.

Maya hasn't shown any signs of distress except for the moments after surgery when she felt nauseous.  It's as though nothing actually happened.  For which I am grateful.  But I do hope we never have to do this or any other procedure again.

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Vasilisa said...

So good that procedure went smoothly and hopefully now she'll have proper hearing again! Well done Maya and parents! :)