Thursday, 16 August 2007

Why work?

Does anyone else have people at their work who rarely show up? There are a few people at my work who take sooo many sick days (at least one per week) .

Today I couldn't believe my ears though when one woman who is hardly ever at work, because she's always on sick leave, was bragging loudly about the fact that she now qualifies for long service leave and is going to take it soon! She kept saying at the top of her voice "I'm filling out my long service form" and "I'm going on long service leave". Though I don't think anyone will notice any difference between her being on long service leave or not?! ;)


Julia said...

You're just jealous ;-) admittedly so am I :-)

Hamish said...

My mum worked with one teacher who would disappear for months at a time on sick leave after students were rude to her, or made throw-away threats. We would actually joke about whether she was ever coming back..

chet said...

And I have trouble getting a week off from my boss. I had to apply for my leave four months before! October 26th, I can't wait!