Thursday, 30 October 2008

The birth of Maya.

Below is the last picture of me pregnant with Maya (wearing my stylish hospital gown waiting for my scheduled c-section):
Before the operation I was so nervous! I had no idea if I would feel any pain? Would Maya be OK? Would I be OK? Having the spinal block administered did hurt more than I expected but it was tolerable and before I knew it I was experiencing pins and needles and numbness in my lower body.

Greg joined me (in his scrubs) and I waited nervously for things to start.

There was a flurry of activity and I could feel some prodding on my belly, which I assumed was part of the preparation. And I waited for them to start.....

Then I felt someone pushing very hard on my stomach and I heard someone say that they were pushing on the baby.. and my brain suddenly clicked that they were performing the c-section and I didn't even realise that they had started yet!! The words "ohhh chunky baby" were uttered.. then crying.. then a baby was shown to me.. then taken off.. and Greg went with her. I lay there in shock. It seemed like she was born within a minute and I hadn't had time to absorb anything yet. I was still nervous about them starting.. and here was a baby. And I just couldn't connect that the baby they had shown me briefly was the baby that used to reside in my stomach!

She was brought back and placed on my chest.. and I looked for something I would recognise in her.. but there was nothing to indicate she was mine.

The paediatrician told me that she was very well and that was a HUGE relief. Then Greg and Maya were taken away.

I had to wait while they finished patching me back up and then I was taken to the recovery room. My recovery was deemed good but I had to wait a very long time to be taken back to the ward because they were under-staffed. By this stage I couldn't wait to see Greg and Maya again and it was so frustrating to have a totally numb lower body and be unable to walk anywhere!

In the meantime, Greg waited nervously in the ward, with crying baby in arms, wondering what was taking me so long to return.

Finally I was taken to the ward and given Maya to hold and I saw how gorgeous she was! Here was my baby that I had carried for nine months and she was well and healthy and in the world.

I found Maya's birth to be a shock to me and not at all what I expected. It was so quick and I didn't even know it was happening when it was happening. Though I realise that they probably intentionally don't tell patients that they have started, I would have liked to know. I also felt like I missed out on experiencing labour. I have no idea what waters breaking feels like or labour contractions. But afterwards we were told that Maya had not only been in the breech position, but she also had one leg up and the other leg down. That meant that I was never going to be able to give birth naturally. Maya would have gotten stuck. So I am also extremely grateful to my obstetrician and all the other staff present who brought me my gorgeous Maya safe and well. And that's what really matters.

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