Saturday, 9 July 2011

Identifying colours.

One of Maya's favourite topics at the moment is colours.  She wants to know the names of colours as well as what colour things are.

I was feeling pretty confident about this particular topic.  I am good at naming colours.

"What colour is this?" Maya would ask, pointing to a red car.
"Red", I'd say.

"What colour is this?" Maya would ask, pointing to a green leaf.
"Green", I'd say.

Until Maya asked "What colour is this?", pointing to her nose.
"Oh ummm.. errrrr..  skin coloured??"

Is skin colour a colour?

And then there are all those shades of colours out there that are a combination of tones, like well "greeny, reddy, browny coloured" or "bluey, purpley, black coloured".

Hmm.. identifying colours is harder than I thought.


Greg said...

Apparently Crayola renamed their "skin" colour crayon years ago. Because "who's skin"?

Nowadays they apparently have a "box-set" of "skin colours".

Vasilisa said...

Could "Maya" be a colour too? This way wherever she points on herself, that'd be a Maya colour :)