Friday, 8 July 2011

Whatcha doing?

There are still a lot of things Maya doesn't know or understand about the world.  She regularly asks questions to seek new information.  And currently she is very interested in what I or others around us are 'doing'.  But she will not just ask about new events.  She also asks about things she has seen many times before.  She even asks me what I am doing when it is completely obvious what I am doing.

Now a dinner conversation might go something like this:

Maya: "Whatcha doing?"
Me: "Eating dinner."
A few minutes later.
Maya: "Whatcha doing mummy?"
Me "I'm still eating dinner."
A few minutes later.
Maya "Whatcha doing?"
Me: *sigh*


Fioleta said...

Katya went through a stage of asking "What are you doing?" and "Where are you going?". She would even ask the second one when we were sitting down at home not going anywhere.

Tanya said...

I've been wondering if she's actually asking what I'm thinking? But it's probably not as advanced as that. :)