Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pregnancy - 32nd week.

Yes I am now 32 weeks pregnant, which I cannot believe! There's only 2 months to go!

Here's a general update of what's going on:
  • Just in the last week my back has started hurting all day long. I find it extremely hard to sit for long periods of time.

  • My belly is growing at a much faster rate now. I keep meaning to get Greg to take pictures but never think of it when we are both around! Oh and I still get told I'm really small by a lot of people and have at times felt that they meant that I or my baby aren't healthy. But I've finally realised that people are referring to the fact that I have only grown in my belly and no where else.

  • A couple of weeks ago we started purchasing things for the bubs room, while also trying to get rid of things, so that the new bub things will actually fit in the room!

  • We've attended baby classes over the last few weeks, which have now finished. My favourite moment was watching Greg change a nappy on a baby doll. :) I hope that means he's an expert now. ;)

  • I am finishing work on the 5th September and am really looking forward to being able to sleep in, read books and prepare for the bub's arrival. :)

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chet said...

Bah....changing nappies in the modern era (pampers).....eassssssyyyy......tear open, throw, open new pampers, velcro and voila! :-)

Now I had to do the old cloth diaper with the safety pin way for my brother when I was a kid....