Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Maya has now moved to her cot in her own room. We had to make the move because Maya won't fit into her bassinet much longer. On the one hand I am enjoying the freedom to enter my bedroom at any time of the day, the ability to read in bed again and being able to chat with Greg before going to sleep. On the other hand I really miss her. I loved having her close by, hearing her little sighs, being able to easily get up to her during the night and feeding her in bed while dozing.

For me being a mother brings such paradoxical feelings. When she has been awake for a while I often start to crave some time to myself. Then when she's asleep I really miss her and wish I could hug her (which of course I don't dare do because she would wake and I'd have to settle her back down to sleep again!). I both miss my me time and miss time with her.

Taken 02/03/09 - 4 months 3 weeks old - No room left!

Taken 10/03/09 - 5 months - Room for growth and to move!

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