Thursday, 12 March 2009

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

About a month ago Maya worked out that she could get off her tummy if she rolled over onto her back. Maya always hated being on her tummy and it was no surprise to me that she learnt this roll first. As for rolling from back to front she would roll from her back onto her side and then quickly turn herself back. I think it was to prevent herself from ending up on her dreaded tummy! Then a couple of days ago she just suddenly flipped from back to tummy while desperately trying to reach a toy. She got the toy and flipped over again. Yesterday she kept flipping over and over - back to front then front to back. Not only is it something new to do but she's worked out that she can move a bit more around by doing this and reach things like toys or anything else on ground level.

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Vasilisa said...

she is gorgeous! so glad you guys are doing so well and she is developing so quickly (or may be it seems quickly to me from a distance?) :)))