Monday, 13 April 2009


Tomorrow we are moving closer to my family and friends. I am both sad and happy about the move. I am sad because I love the area I live in. I have been here for nearly ten years now. I love the late night gelati, cafes and book stores, the many different restaurants and shops and the closeness to the city and to my work. But now my life is very different and I am not able to make good use of the many great features of this area - like having a coffee and cake at 11pm on a weeknight. What I need most now is company and help during the weekdays. So I am also very excited about the move and am looking forward to having friends and family near by. :)

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Ang said...

Hi Tanya- after reading your last post it sounds like this move will be so helpful for you and your family. I find I appreciate my family so much more after having a baby and realize I need their help more than I ever thought. Your last post definitely hit a nerve for me.