Thursday, 16 April 2009


I didn't realise how restricted I was in our old place until we moved in to our new home. Our old place was so small that when we moved in we had to play Tetris with our furniture to fit it all in. Our lounge room had no space left except for walking through it.

I had to move the coffee table right up against the couches so that I could create a tiny play space of about one square metre for Maya to play in. Maya and I would then squeeze into that small space, with furniture crowded around us and above us.

In our new home we have room! Our furniture fits with room to spare and we have storage space and a yard for Maya to play in. But what I am enjoying the most at the moment is the play area I created for Maya. It is spacious, has room for all her toys and isn't crowded over by things. I don't have to squeeze in next to her anymore and hopefully as she gets used to having more space she'll start to move around more.


Vasilisa said...

photos! photos! I want to see photos! :)))))))

Fioleta said...

Same, I want to see photos. I'm glad that you are seeing the positives of your move straight away.